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free textures

free textures for may

in an effort to blog more i decided i will giveaway free textures! i know i love freebies and have a bunch of free textures from various sources. i have been trying to create my own textures and why not share for other artists to use? this download includes ten high resolution textures which are pictured above. feel free to use them in your work! i would love to see what you create with them so don't hesitate to share on my facebook page! if you know others who love freebies make sure to share the link!

my tips on using textures:

1. PLAY! change your layer modes! change the color of the actual texture! change the exposure/contrast of the texture!

2. to get the effect of texture but not the tone you can change layer to black and white.

3. i will sometimes duplicate the texture layer to add more of the effect.


stay tuned to my facebook and website i hope to blog more and giveaway more textures and possibly stock type images in the future! HAVE FUN CREATING!



  1. May 29, 2014 -

    brilliant, thank you!

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